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The PATTRENA collection is made from purified natural extracts from all over the world. Each ingredient has been selected with care to guarantee the best quality product produced. The PATTRENA collection includes a range of Aromatherapy essential oils, Spa products for the body and face, Body wash, Hair Care a, Hand Care, Foot Care. etc.

The PATTRENA collection is used to nurture, relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Aromatherapy is the best way to treat stress and create calm and tranquility to our busy life style. Nourish your skin and discover a sense of well being. Let your body take control and refresh your mind and body with a delightful scent of aroma from the PATTRENA collection.

Aromatherapy is derived from 2 words. Aroma meaning fragrance and Therapy meaning treatment. Aromatherapy a holistic treatment to care for the body using the scents from pure essential oils – concentrated extracts from plants, herbs and flowers. Essential oils have been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits.

Aromatherapy is a healing art to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Essential oils can either be inhaled or massaged into the skin. The aroma triggers olfactory cells in the nasal cavity sending a message to the brain. The brain receives the message and stimulates your mood to feel relaxed, balanced, smoothed and calm. Essential oils can be used as anti-bacterial, anti-biotic, antiviral, and other therapeutic treatments.

The PATTRENA Collection has a range of aromatherapy products to invigorate your senses and restore balance to your mind and body.

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In 1996, a team of dedicated Thai medical doctors and pharmacists decided to invest their knowledge, skills and more than 18 years of experience to develop quality products for consumers. In doing so, they created a wide category of cosmetics, skincare, body care, baby care, hair care, toiletries, spa and aromatherapy products, food supplements etc. under the Giffarine and Pattrena brand. For 18 years, Giffarine has been keeping up with the growth of Thai society and our brand has become recognizable and well accepted nationwide.

Giffarine intends to create valuable products to be accepted as world class productions, as standard; therefore we are focusing on the production factory as the principal of development and support for the company’s growth. We have built a new factory on a space of up to 39,000 square meters with our investment budget of 700 million baht.(US$ 20 million) Located in Navanakorn Industrial Estate, a big industrial park having all convenient and basic infrastructures. Moreover, Giffarine factory is regarded as environmental friendly.

The factory is designed under GMP standard control in terms of its structure and materials in order to accommodate an effective manufacturing standard giving it a high quality production system and maintaining our high concerns of consumer safety.

We have invested in automatic machines lines for more than 3 Million USD to support our annual sale volume of 570 Million USD, to increase our production capacity to be as high as 20,000,000 pieces per month utilizing hi-tech computer system to monitor every production process, starting from our product research and development, purchasing, inventory storage for our finished products to be delivered to our consumers all over the world.

The factory comprises of 2 sections.

1.Skyline Health Care Co.,Ltd.

2.Giffarine Skyline Laboratory and Health Care Co.,Ltd.

Skyline Health Care Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1997 to produce food and medicine by a team of scientists, chemists and experts in many fields. The company is also operated under international manufacturing standards: ISO 9001:2008, GMP, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) and Halal certificate. We are able to produce nutritional supplements in forms of pills, capsules and powder in sachets by using high technological machinery that can operate automatic and half automatic systems with high speed and production capacity. Moreover, we can modify packaging design responding to our customers’ requirement

Giffarine Skyline Laboratory and Health Care Co.,Ltd. was established in 2001 to take care of the work of international markets and Central Lab which checks the quality and safety of the products manufactured by the factories of Giffarine Group of Companies. The company is operated according to ISO/IEC 17025 international standards for cosmetics chemical analysis from Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Public Health.

Giffarine Central Lab is quality controlled by pharmacists, scientists and more than 30 expert from related fields. The Central Lab is also honorably certified by the international manufactory standard: ISO/IEC 17025 from the Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Health which is the first organization in Thailand to certify substantial analysis of herbs. It is also registered as a private laboratory in environmental and waste water analysis from the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry.

img-globalIn 2012, Pattrena consolidate its international market position in some selective region. Thanks to the effort of our experience overseas business partners, we are now distributing products to Portugal, Russia, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Yemen, UAE, etc over 30 countries worldwide achieved a significant growth in terms of brand recognition and sales. Pattrena natural products are among the popular items for export.

In 2013, Pattrena is planning ahead for another fruitful year for our overseas business promotion and here are several important exhibitions we will participate;

1. Cosmoprof Asia (Hong Kong)
Being the largest annual beauty exhibition in Hong Kong, the Cosmoprof Hong Kong proves to be a very successful event for Giffarine. Together we launch the latest range of Pattrena’s products which draw much attention from all the local and overseas visitors.

2. Beyond Beauty (Spa Meeting) Paris (France)
With our dedication to strengthen our brand image in European market, Pattrena have participated the Beyond Beauty (Spa Meeting ) in Paris. Formally illustrating our quality products to the international stage. 3. Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna (Italy) For more than 40 years, Cosmoprof has been the world’s most important international event in the beauty and cosmetics sector, now also with a special focus on the spa industry. Latest range of Pattrena products have been displayed and introduced to the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Italy. Example of where you can find Pattrena overseas: – Well’s shops, Portugal – HairStore Shops, Finland – CenCei Oriental SPA, Finland – Web- Shops, Finland – 7 Krasok Spa in Russia – Island Shangri-La Hotel (Hong Kong ) – Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel (Hong Kong) – The Royal Pacific (Hong Kong) – Prince Hong Kong Marco Polo Hotel (Hong Kong) – Marco Polo Hotel Kowloon – City Garden Hotel HK – Crown Plaza Hotel China – etc.

_DSC7929With our professional facilities and experience in this industry, we are confident that we are able to maintain the highest quality products and most importantly we are sincere to source the best solution for your new or existing products.

Private Label Manufacturing Services (OEM & ODM)
From selection of raw material through to product R&D and manufacturing process, we apply innovative ideas, advanced equipment and technology to achieve the highest standard of hygiene and quality level for our products.

Please contact us for further information. Our R&D team is always ready to explore more exciting ideas and suggestions with you. Any enquiry, please contact us at enquiry@giffarinefactory.com

_DSC7736Quality Policy
Continuous improvement in technology and efficiency of product quality, manufacturing process and quality assurance. Continuous improvement of organization to serve the dynamic needs of consumers.

Available Product Range for Contract Manufacturing
• Cosmetics
• Skincare
• Body Care
• Hair Care
• Toiletries
• Spa and Aromatherapy products
• Food Supplement
• etc

Quality Standard Certificates
• ISO 9001:2008 certificate from Bureau Veritas
• ISO 14001: 2004 certificate from Bureau Veritas
• OHSAS18001:2007 certificate from Bureau Veritas
• GMP Certificate from the Ministry of Public Health and Bureau Veritas
• HALAL Marked accredited by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand
• ISO/IEC 17025 certificate from Department of Medical Science
• HACCP certificate from Bureau Veritas
• Prime Minister Export Award 2005 (The Best Exporter) from the Department of International Trade Promotion
• Prime Minister Export Award 2010 (Thai Owned Brand) from the Department of International Trade Promotion
• Thailand Trusted Quality from the Department of International Trade Promotion

2 International Standard Factories
• Giffarine Skyline Laboratory and Health Care Co.,Ltd
• Skyline Health Care Co.,Ltd.

With Contract Manufacturing Services (OEM&ODM)

We can manage the complete development of your private labeled product from the design to the finished product.
* Our Design & Marketing department will define the brand image and concept with you.
* Our Laboratory will guide you in the choice of the best materials and quality levels for components.
* Our Sourcing and buying team help you selecting the adequate containers and packaging in your budget.
Both of our factories have compiled with all necessary international certificates such as ISO 9001:2008, GMP, etc. We also have well equipped laboratories, individual sourcing and R&D department. We are sure that all products will be specially tailor – made to suit your needs.